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Sex without contraception without risk of pregnancy, WHAT? Yes, it's entirely possible! One of the biggest myths about fertility is that any unprotected sex leads to pregnancy. The truth is, timing is everything. Female biology is a complex and beautiful science, and it is physically impossible for a woman to be fertile every day of the month. The tricky part is that every woman is different, and knowing which days YOU are fertile depends completely on your body and your own unique cycle. There are plenty of 'period tracking' apps, but these do nothing more than crudely estimate your fertility week by using the sweeping generalisation that your ovulation falls exactly in the middle of your cycle - and as we all know, what is 'average' can never be exact! To rely on these apps as a way of knowing when to use contraception is extremely risky. You can also track your fertility yourself manually, by daily taking the time to plot out a graph - but again the process is time consuming and prone to mistakes. This is why using a fertility monitor such as Cyclotest is the ONLY fail-safe way to accurately determine your fertile days. Yes, it's a little pricey, but it's a one-time investment that will never let you down. Do you really want to trust the life-changing possibility of pregancy on an app or guesswork? 

find fertile days with cyclotest


Conception can only occur during a short window of time each month known as the 'fertile window'. These are the only days during the month you can possibly get pregnant.


The fertile window includes 24 hours around ovulation when an egg is viable + 5 days preceding ovulation during which sperm can live inside the uterus, waiting for ovulation to begin.


1. Take your temperature every morning with the integrated thermometer.


2. That gives Cyclotest all the information it needs to calculate your exact ovulation date, and your personal fertile window.


Cyclotest uses an advanced mathematical algorithm to learn your unique cycle patterns. It is able to detect subtle hormonal changes that make you fertile or infertile, giving you the power to naturally plan or prevent pregnancy.



use cyclotest to plan or prevent pregnancy





Knowing your personalized monthly fertile window allows you to plan or prevent pregnancy without artificial hormones or invasive procedures.



Prevent pregnancy by abstaining, using condoms, or using another barrier method of contraception during the fertile window.



Plan pregnancy by taking full advantage of the knowledge that you are most likely to conceive during the fertile window. Time to get busy!




Rely on Cyclotest's intelligent algorithm to processes the information you give and learn your personal cycle. The monitor will display your monthly fertile window and daily fertility status.


PINK days indicate sex will likely result in a pregnancy, GREEN days indicate you are no longer fertile. With that knowledge, you are officially in the driver's seat.



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Ready to feel fantastic? Why not try these products:

  1. Cyclotest Monitores para la Planificación Familiar Natural
    Price (Inc. VAT):
    • Take your daily temperature: your fertile and infertile days are calculated automatically
    • Advanced algorithm tracks & predicts your fertility window
    • Homescreen with your daily fertility status makes understanding your body effortless
    • German design and engineering, certified 2b class medical device
    • 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty; Free access to start-up call and support hotline

    Rely on Cyclotest to unlock the secrets of your fertility so you can plan or avoid pregnancy completely naturally.

    Take your temperature under your tongue every morning and Cyclotest automatically displays your current fertility status. PINK days indicate sex will likely result in a pregnancy, GREEN days indicate you are no longer fertile. With that knowledge, you're now officially in the driver’s seat.

    Cyclotest fertility monitors are fueled by over 30 years of accumulated research and development by the top Natural Family Planning and Fertility Awareness experts in Germany.

    Tight Budget? No Problem. Get the same high-level accuracy and error-proof integrated thermometer with the basic Cyclotest 2 Plus fertility monitor.

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