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YES Intimate Lube. Guaranteed Pure and Natural.

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Making Vaginas Happy

Ever considered that something as simple as an intimate lubricant could transform your sex life? The good news is, it can!

There are many reasons why sex might become less pleasurable. Hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Aging and menopause. Side effects associated with allergy medications or antidepressants. Even everyday stress can make it more difficult to produce natural lubrication.

Luckily, the solution to painful sex is simple and achievable. Wet, sublime lubrication, with YES organic lubricants.

Recent studies show that nine out of ten woman benefit from extra lubrication with recommendations to add lube to your sex life becoming more and more common.

With YES, sexual pleasure and intimate healing are at your fingertips.

YES Certifed Organic

Your vagina is one of the most absorbent areas the entire body yet most lubricants contain all types of toxic, chemical ingredients. YES is different. YES lubricants are certified organic by the prestigious Soil Association. The product range is responsibly formulated with the highest quality ingredients and meticulously tested to match vaginal pH. Your body will thank you.

There's An App For That

Applicator that is. Natural lubrication works its magic from the inside out, moisturizing, balancing, and adding intimate pleasure. Revolutionary YES applicators give you the power to replicate that experience.

Applicators have a long narrow tip that allows you to squeeze lube deep inside the vagina.

When used for every day moister, YES applicators provide a perfectly measured dose of lubricant and are completely mess free. Stash one in your handbag and you’ll never be caught in an uncomfortable situation. Applicators also give you the freedom to discreetly apply lube before intimacy starts, so you can relax and enjoy every single moment.

yes applicators best way to use lubricant

yes water based and oil based lubricants

Water-Based Vs. Oil-Based

YES water-based formula is intensely hydrating with a realistic texture. It is enriched with organic aloe vera and organic flax extract. These renowned skin foods nourish your skin while enhancing your sexual pleasure. YES water based is pH-balanced and absent of anything that might interfere with your intimate health or pleasure.

YES oil-based formula is the natural alternative to silicone lubricants. The velvety, plant-oil based formula contains an abundance of beautiful certified organic ingredients: cocoa butter, shea butter, almond oil, sunflower oil and vitamin E. Discover new depths of pleasure with this lavish and long-lasting lubricant. Ideal for massage, water play, and extended lovemaking.

Ready to feel fantastic? Why not try these products:

  1. YES OB. Organic Lubricant. Oil-Based.
    • Dual purpose intimate lubricant and massage oil.
    • Oil Based YES is richly nourishing. Experience long lasting glide.
    • Certified Organic . pH balanced for vaginal health. Hypoallergenic.
    • Rich velvety texture Ideal for water play and prolonged lovemaking.
    • Enhances natural pleasure. No smell. No taste. No stickiness.
    Price (Inc. VAT):
  2. YES VM - Natural Vaginal Moisturizer
    • Provides dramatic relief from pre and postmenopausal vaginal dryness.
    • Much more than an intimate lubricant.
    • Bioadhesive elements bind with dry vaginal tissue to gently release moisture.
    • pH matched to restore and/or maintain vaginal health.
    • Three days relief per application.
    Price (Inc. VAT):
  3. YES WB. Organic Lubricant. Water-Based.
    • Continually rated best lubricant on the market. Award Winning.
    • Water-Based YES is silky and sensuous. Behaves like the real thing.
    • Certified Organic. Vegan. pH balanced for vaginal health.
    • Dramatically increase enjoyment and restore your sexual health.
    • Enhances natural pleasure. No smell. No taste. No stickiness.
    Price (Inc. VAT):

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