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Cyclotest LH Ovulation Tests

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  • Detects LH ovulation hormone.
  • 99% accurate.
  • Durable, hygienic plastic holder.
  • Results display within seconds.
  • Includes 9 test sticks.
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Cyclotest LH Hormone Ovulation Test (9 Tests)
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One of the main hormones that causes ovulation to occur is called the luteinizing hormone, or LH. The highly predictable LH surge indicates ovulation will occur within a day or two, and you are in the peak of your fertility window.

This ovulation predictor kit contains 9 urine test strips that identify the LH hormone surge.

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Product VideosCyclotest Ovulation Test Video
What's It Used For?Detecting The Ovulatory Hormone LH In Urine In Order To Determine The Most Fertile Phase Prior To Ovulation
NotesThis Product Is Approved For Use In Conjunction With The Cyclotest Fertility Monitor Range
Why Buy?Identify when you are fertile and most likely to conceive.

What Is LH?

LH is a critical hormone in both male and female reproduction. In men, it supports sperm production and stimulates testosterone. In women, it has two main functions: first to stimulate the ovarian follicles and to help an egg mature, and second, to actually causes the follicles to burst open and release a fully mature egg.

When LH surges, you know ovulation is imminent.

Why Does The Amount OF LH Change Throughout The Cycle?

The menstrual cycle has three distinct stages. The follicular stage includes menstruation and the gearing up towards ovulation, the relatively short ovulatory stage during which a mature egg is able to be fertilized, and the luteal phase that occurs if the egg was not fertilized.

During the follicular stage, LH is slowly stimulating the follicles, causing the ovaries to ripen an egg that will be released during ovulation. Then, the LH rapidly increases, and the ovarian follicles tear, allowing the fully mature egg to begin its journey towards the uterus. Essentially, the sudden surge in LH levels is responsible for causing ovulation to occur.

The egg that is released during ovulation is either fertilized by sperm and begins to develop into a baby, or, settles into the uterine lining until it is released during menstruation.

How can I track my LH Surge?

This sharp rise in LH can be detected through these urine test strips, similar to the classic pregnancy test. Tests a typically taken at the same time each day. That positive indicates ovulation will occur within 24 to 48 hours.

With knowledge that your LH levels have surged, you either plan intimacy for the highest chances of conception or know that your fertility window is about to end and sex will no longer result in pregnancy.

This product is approved for use in conjunction with a Cyclotest fertility monitors to help increase your chances of getting pregnant. By crossing LH data readings from the Cyclotest ovulation predictor kit and daily temperature readings, the Cyclotest fertility monitor becomes even more accurate in predicting your ovulation.

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