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Fertility Charting


Fertility Charting 

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Fertility tracking is the art of knowing exactly when during your cycle you ovulate, so you can gain a better understanding of your body's natural fluctuations.


A main benefit of fertility tracking: you can plan or prevent pregnancy by simply being in complete harmony with your body's cycle.


Cyclotest fertility tracking is based on the interpretation of the main fertility indicator — body temperature —plus other optional fertility indicators.


Give your Cyclotest monitor information about your fertility indicators, and it feeds the data into the Cyclotest algorithm to determine your unique daily and monthly fertility patterns.

Natural Contraception With Cyclotest MyWay

Fertility Indicators

There are three primary fertility indicators.


1. Basal Body Temperature: Your body temperature measured under your tongue after at least four hours of quality sleep. This is the main fertility indicator.


2. Cervical Mucus: The varying abundance and consistency of the wet discharge you often notice throughout the month.


3. LH Hormone: The presence of the LH hormone, that can be detected by LH hormone test strips.

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How Cyclotest Makes It Easy

Cyclotest fertility monitors have an integrated thermometer enabling your data to be directly transferred to the device for analysis.

While Cyclotest is perfectly reliable with only temperature data, it allows you to go even deeper.


You have the option of adding additional fertility indicators to help Cyclotest learn more about your body. The more information you feed into your device, the quicker and more accurately it can predict your fertile window.


Cyclotest's algorithm analyses your complex fertility information instantly, and your daily fertility status is displayed on the home screen.


This means you gain a profound understanding of your body, without any of the hard work.


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  1. Cyclotest. Plan or Avoid Pregnancy Naturally.
    • Accurate, easy to use, and multipurpose fertility monitor.
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    • Includes bonus fertility charts for tracking ovulation.
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