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Choosing a vegan lifestyle is a bold move. Its says I have ethics and morals, and I'm not afraid to take action to keep to those values. I value the world, animals, nature and the ecology. I value living by a higher standard and making sure every being on the planet is treated with respect.



Two of life's most basic pleasures - food and sex. In regards to food, you've already changed your grocery shopping list and altered your diet to reflect your values. When you sit down to eat a satisfying vegan meal, you can be proud as you indulge. But what about sex?



Sex is the most natural organic, pleasure in the world, but are you using products that go against your ethics? Hormonal contraceptives, lubricants, condoms, and spermicides can all contain harmful animal by-roducts and chemical ingredients that you would normally balk at - why allow them into your bedroom.



Welcome to Vegan-Love. Here you will find a safe haven of vegan and vegan friendly products that will transform your love life into the natural sanctuary it was meant to be.



Getting Wet. Naturally. Ethically.

Most lubricants on the market today are full of artificial chemicals and substances that are produced without a second thought about the affects on the world. And in fact, many lubricants don't even work that well at enhancing personal pleasure. They can leave you feeling sticky, tacky, or greasy, they ware off quickly, and the artificial makeup of the product seeps into your skin and can cause serious irritation.


Yes Lubricants were designed by two women who understand the value of creating a perfectly ethical product that offers a moisturizing effect far greater then the traditional lubricants. Yes lubricants are organic, sustainable, and the water based lubricant is 100% vegan.


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These Condoms Have Morals

The French Letter Company, which produces French Letter condoms, is at the forefront of a ground breaking effort to keep the products we consume in line with our vegan morals. Certified Fair Trade, when you buy a pack of French Letter condoms, you know that a rubber farmer is Asia will be able to put food on his table with dignity. The cause and effect of your choice is immediate.


French Letter condoms are made using sustainable sources, are vegan friendly, and are carbon neutral. And with three stimulating varieties, your love life is sure to be potent as ever.


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Vegan Contraceptive Gel You Can Rely On

Most spermicides are effective because of one active ingredient. Nonoxonol-9. This abrasive chemical kills sperm, and unfortunately much more then that. CongraGel Green has a short list of vegan, natural ingredients. No harsh chemicals. Nothing you can't pronounce.


This ethical choice is a perfect accompaniment to a barrier contraceptive, making your entire contraceptive plan totally vegan. You can finally keep your lifestyle choices totally inline with your contraceptive desires without any sacrifice.


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FemCap: Better Then A Condom?

The FemCap cervical cap is the premier, non-disposable barrier contraceptive on the market today. Cervical caps are experiencing a revival as couples learn about the benefits: Eco-friendly, reliable, non-hormonal, and more.


FemCap is a 100% natural, vegan-friendly form of reversible contraception. As apposed to condoms, the FemCap, do not disturb natural intimacy of skin-to-skin contact, and because it is one little product that can be used over and over, by choosing FemCap, your choosing to save the planet.


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Your Natural Fertility Cycle. Your Natural Birth Control

Did you know that on average, you are only fertile for about 18 hours out of the entire month? That's right, only 18 hours when an egg is released and able to be fertilized leading to a pregnancy. Add to that the five days that sperm can live, hanging around in your body waiting to greet that egg, and you have what is known as your 'fertility window.'


Learn to identify your unique fertility window, and the key to natural, contraception-less contraception is in your hands. Totally natural. Totally organic. Totally Vegan. And with contraceptive monitors like Cyclotest, this information is totally with in reach.


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