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Vegan Spermicide Alternative


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N-9 is a highly toxic and harsh chemical —no wonder so many women and men complain of irritation from spermicide.

ContraGel is a 100% natural and vegan spermicide alternative. It is used with a FemCap or Diaphragm to create the safe, effective, and totally natural birth control system you've been looking for.

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Eco-Friendly Menstrual Cup


FemmyCycle low cervix menstrual cup

Protect your health and the environment by replacing disposable pads and tampons with a FemmyCycle menstrual cup.

FemmyCycle has a patented 'no-spill' design, and a high capacity making it perfect for use overnight.

Available in three tailored sizes, including a Low-Cervix version.

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Minimize Your Carbon Footprint


FemCap Cervical Cap

Even better then a condom. FemCap is more reliable, less wasteful, and does not interrupt the intimacy of skin-to-skin contact.


Sizing is simply based off of obstetrical history, so you can order FemCap today, even if you can't get fitted by a doctor.


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Natural Sea Sponge

Intimate Sponges

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Say goodbye to chemical laden disposables and hello to natural sea sponge. Responsible harvesting actually causes sponges to become stronger and aids in repopulation .


Naturally highly durable and absorbent, you can use them over and over again before chucking in the compost bin.


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Vegan, Fair Trade Protection

Glyde Vegan Condoms

Vegan Condoms

Whether condoms are your go-to hormone free birth control, or you only use them occasionally, you get pleasure, security, and ethics with Glyde Condoms.

Glyde condoms are certified by the Vegan Society.

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Chlorine and Paraben Free

Natracare Intimate Wipes

vegan intimate wipes

These convenient intimate wipes keep you feeling fresh and hygienic without the chemicals often found in similar products.

All ingredients are derived from natural, renewable, and sustainable resources and are biodegradable and compostable.

No animal by-products and no animal testing.

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Made For Women, By Women

YES Lubricants

Organic lubricant

What could be better than luxurious products that make your most intimate moments even more pleasurable?

How about knowing the YES brand supports ethical and green consumerism.

YES water based lubricants are organic, vegan, and certified ethically produced. Winner of The Best Organic Body Care by the Soil Association.

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Effortless Fertility Charting


Hormone free Contraceptive Methods

Knowing when you ovulate is the key to avoiding pregnancy naturally, but rigorous charting can be overwhelming.

Cyclotest makes fertility charting easy. It features an integrated thermometer, a built in alarm reminder, and a clear, intuitive design. Can also be used to plan conception.

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